Junior Solidity Engineer

December 10, 2021
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Job description

DCVX is a place where everyone is encouraged to grow and show their best. We move fast and we break things as this aligns with our mission, to grow, fast.

DCVX we have three principles to help us accomplish our mission:

  1. Every day matters
  2. Outcomes > Inputs
  3. Curiosity

We are looking for a Junior Solidity Engineer to join our team and help build the future of NFT’s and Metaverse. You will be working on cutting edge NFT’s/Metaverse. You will be working on cutting edge NFT platform with a small team of experienced developers.

Your responsibilities will include adding further functionality to the platform in the form of features under the guidance of our CTO.


- Experience using the Solidity programming language.

- Strong proficiency in CSS.

- Responsive web design fundamentals and modular components.

- Github, Git and basic terminal commands are a must.

- Javascript ES6.

- ReactJS and /or NextJS.

- Worked with NFT platforms or DEX protocols.

- Experience using DeFi/NFT platforms such as Uniswap, Rarible, OpenSea, etc.

- Understanding of basic Defi and NFT primitives.

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