Solidity Engineer Internship

December 10, 2021
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Job description

DCVX is a place where everyone is encouraged to grow and show their best. We move fast and we break things as this aligns with our mission, to grow, fast.

DCVX we have three principles to help us accomplish our mission:

  1. Every day matters
  2. Outcomes > Inputs
  3. Curiosity

- Work with fellow Solidity devs to complete weekly sprint tasks

- Review Solidity and Javascript pull requests

- Work with frontend and DevOps teams to smoothly integrate and deploy smart contracts

- Improve the security of our client’s contract system

- Discuss possible solutions with the Product team

- Help design technical improvements to our client’s contract system

- Write documentation explaining the technical aspects of our client’s contract system

- Write monitoring scripts to detect anomalies and measure the health of our contract system


- 2+ years previous developer experience

- Strong ability to communicate using the written word many team members are remote

- Must be able to work independently

- Previous experience writing and deploying Solidity dApps

- Knowledge of Solidity security vulnerabilities, and able to explain their known fixes

- Previous work in the DeFi space

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