NodeJS Backend Engineer

December 10, 2021
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Job description

DCVX is a place where everyone is encouraged to grow and show their best. We move fast and we break things as this aligns with our mission, to grow, fast.

DCVX we have three principles to help us accomplish our mission:

  1. Every day matters
  2. Outcomes > Inputs
  3. Curiosity

- Work closely with a proven development team on major software releases.

- Proactively collaborate with cross-functional teams to define & design of new Products, features and functionality.

- Working in an agile development environment with daily stand-up meetings.

- Ensuring all deliverables are met as per plans and specifications.

- Delivering quality software on time.


- 3+ years’ experience in backend/server-side development with Node.js and JavaScript.

- Experience in distributed caching systems and messaging systems such.

- Good understanding of microservice architecture based on RESTful API and AMQP.

- Excellent communication and team collaboration skills.

- Excellent analytical capabilities.

- Experience in NoSQL (MongoDB) and caching technologies like Redis.

- Experience in container service (Docker/Kubernetes) and orchestration.

- Understanding of code versioning tools and unit tests frameworks.

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