Manual Smart Contract Audits

Smart Contract Audits by DCVX

Our Smart Contract Audits are conducted by at least 2 Smart Contract Engineers.

Below you will find our approach in conducting Smart Contract Audits
Understand the Smart Contract
The first step in conducting a smart contract audit is for us to understand the contract's purpose and functionality.

We will spend enough time with the protocols to understand the goals of it and desired outcomes.

Our auditors need to understand the contract's requirements and the expected behavior of the contract. Our auditors need to have a clear understanding of the smart contract's purpose, the input and output parameters, and the expected behavior of the contract.
Review the Code
Second step is to review the code to identify vulnerabilities.

Our auditors will review the code line by line to identify potential vulnerabilities.

We will have to understand the code's logic and identify any potential vulnerabilities, such as buffer overflows, integer overflows, and other vulnerabilities.
Conduct a Security Analysis
Once the code has been reviewed, our auditors will conduct a security analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities. The security analysis should identify any vulnerabilities that may be exploited by attackers.

Our smact contract engineers will identify any potential attack vectors and evaluate the impact of each vulnerability.
Testing the Smart Contract

After conducting the security analysis, our auditors test the smart contract to ensure that it behaves as expected.

The auditor needs to test the contract's functionality, input and output parameters, and the expected behavior of the contract. We will test the contract under different scenarios to ensure that it behaves as expected.


DCVX will compile a final report that includes a summary of the vulnerabilities identified, their severity, and the recommended solutions. The report will also include a summary of the testing conducted and the results obtained.

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