Whitelabel NFT Marketplace
Launch in 2 days

Opensea Whitelabel Platform

NFT Marketplace from DCVX allows you to add a non-fungible token marketplace to your website in 2 days.

Below are some of the features of the NFT Marketplace you will be launching with:
Admin dashboard to follow how many sales have occurred, how many active addresses you have, activity on the marketplace, floor prices changes and many more.
ERC721 Tokens
Pioneered by CryptoKitties, ERC721 is the latest standard in non-fungible tokens. To make sure our NFT platform works best, we adhere to the latest Open Zeppelin implementation of ERC721.
The ERC721 standard provides functionalities like to transfer tokens from one account to another, to get the current token balance of an account, to get the owner of a specific token and also the total supply of the token available on the network. Besides these it also has some other functionalities like to approve that an amount of token from an account can be moved by a third party account.

When DCVX implements the ERC721 Smart Contract and, once deployed, it will be responsible to keep track of the created tokens on Ethereum.
The distinctive feature of ERC1155 is that it uses a single smart contract to represent multiple tokens at once. ERC-1155 is а token standard that enables you to create every type of asset, from currency and real estate to digital art and gaming items.

ERC1155 allows you to:
- Configure multiple assets in a single smart contract
- Save gas
- Destroy or upgrade NFTs
- Send multiple tokens in a single transaction
We give you the opportunity to launch with several choices of GUIs for your NFT Marketplace. You can launch with Opensea marketplace interface or Solanart marketplace interface.
If you'd like to add new features or provide support for new Blockchains like Solana, we are able to quickly deliver. Once you launch we will be providing 24/7 support and ideas how to expand or propose new functionalities to make the user experience better.
Supported Blockchains
Currently we support launch of NFT Marketplace on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain.
Once we deliver the NFT Platform, we will assign you an Account manager that would provide you with not only comprehensive onboarding on the NFT marketplace, but how the smart contracts work or things like how we provide gas free minting etc.
Launch your NFT Marketplace